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Depp Takes Inspiration From Manson For Wonka Role

Depp Takes Inspiration From Manson For Wonka Role

JOHNNY DEPP's muse for his role as WILLY WONKA in forthcoming movie CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is set to shock fans of the children's book - it's shock rocker MARILYN MANSON

The OSCAR-nominated actor is keen to give his character a darker edge and has been inspired by the self-proclaimed ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR for his performance in the TIM BURTON-directed adventure.

This is not the first time Depp has used a rock star as his inspiration - he based flamboyant pirate JACK SPARROW in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN on wildman ROLLING STONE KEITH RICHARDS.

A source says, "He has his music and pictures in his trailer to help get in character.

"He's making Willy far more sinister than before and there's a little of Marilyn in there."
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