The Butterfly Doctor (lepidoctor) wrote in scabbedwings,
The Butterfly Doctor

Little amusing thing I found or What the fuck??

Marilyn Manson Turns His Life Over To Jesus And Records A Christian Rock CD


Like that's ever gonna happen!

And if you download the song and listen, it is NOT him singing.

And the picture has him in the Mechanical Era, which is 1998, and it looks like a crappy photoshopped picture. They probably took the head of Omega from the MA cover.

From 1998 onwards, I do not give a flying fuck what this thing says, he DID NOT record a cd called Slave to my Lord. The only ones after 1998 are Last Tour On Earth, Holywood, The Golden Age of Grotesque, and Lest We Forget.

Reaction 1. What the fuck?
Reaction 3. [launches into explanation disproving the article]

Tell me yours.
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